The Duro

A Hyperstable, Inflation-Resilient, 100% Collateralized Digital Currency

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Exchange Rates

USDĐ 0.83
EUROĐ 0.80
YENĐ 0.83
Stability - The Duro is designed to be the most stable currency every created.
Inflation Reslient - The Duro is currently pegged to the Consumer Price Index via an Exchange Traded Fund pegged to the Consumer Prince Index: IQ Real Return ETF (CPI).
100% Collateralized - For every Duro in circulation Stable Moneys Inc holds one unit of the pegged assets. Period.

The Problem with Cryptocurrencies

Security & Regulation

In a reckless lack of oversight the SEC did not regulate cryptocurrencies well enough allowing for insider trading and price manipulation, or "pump-and-dump" schemes, to take place. The SEC also did not limit cryptocurrency speculation to accredited investors, meaning the risk and damages of these schemes are borne directly by everyday consumers.

Stability & Adoption

Cryptocurrencies have failed to become stable enough for mainstream use. All existing cryptocurrencies have supplies that are algorithmically fixed, while demand for money will always be variable, hence their prices will always be volatile. New "Stablecoins", though an interesting experiment, are unproven and only create more risk.

Drugs & Human Trafficking

Cryptocurrencies have provided a medium of exchange for national and international drug and human trafficking. They have also enabled money laundering and money transfer services for terrorists and other dark money pools.

Enough is Enough

Instead of creating yet another unaccountable, anonymous cryptocurrency, we created the Duro, a digital currency designed to be more stable, secure, and valuable than any before it.

How The Duro Works

Sign Up

Sign up with your name, email, handle and password.

Verify Your Identity

In order to add funds, send Duro, and withdraw funds you must first verify your identity by providing your personal information and uploading a picture of your face and a government issued photo ID

Adding Funds

Once your identity is verified by our staff, we will enable your wallet and you can add funds, send Duro, and withdraw funds.

Send and Receive Duro

To send or receive Duro all you need is the email, phone number, or account number of the Duro account you want to send money to.

Withdraw Funds

At anytime you can withdraw Duro for Federal Reserve Dollars (USD). When you intialize a withdrawl, it takes 3-5 business days for the funds to be decollateralized and transfer.


Welcome to the stable currency club! In the future we will be bringing more tools for using your Duro such as borrowing and lending.